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Dinner and a Movie
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Not Looking Forward To Tomorrow

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Today was nice. I slept in and Rob and I decided to head out in the early evening for dinner and a movie.

We headed over to Citywalk and were able to get into a showing of T3 without having to wait in line. The theatre was only half full which surprised me. I thought it would be sold out for a film like that. What can I say about T3? A whole lot of action, very little plot, but a GREAT popcorn flick. A must-see if you liked the first two. And Berek, this movie is safe for you to see as long as you close your eyes during the opening and the very end. There's maybe a minute at the beginning and two minutes at the end that would traumatize you for life, but the rest you would dig.

After the show we headed across the way to Shanghai and Mein (which has become our favorite Chinese restaurant partly because they have the world's best dumplings and the staff knows us there) and ordered a whole bunch of appetizers for dinner. After dinner we headed back home and I worked on paying the bills.

Tomorrow is going to be hell. I have the day off school, but it's going to be crazy bad around here. I have to outline three Wills/Trusts essays, write up a full Wills/Trusts essay, and then go over an entire day's worth of testing (3 full essays and a performance exam). Then, when I'm done with that Rob and I have to spend the night making our wedding album 'cause the photographer needs the info by this Saturday at the latest (and won't give us an extension even though he knows that hell that is going on in my life right now). Ugh. And things are going to get worse and way more busy soon. Only about three weeks left until the bar. I'm so fucked.


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You're Calvin!

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