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So, today is all about working. I have a ton and a half to study and go over. Blah. I'm trudging through it all. I would normally say that I can't wait until all of this bar hell is over with, but I think I would rather be doing this than doing jury duty. And jury duty is what I have to look forward to after the bar. I so need a vacation. However, I don't think my sweety could get off of work and even if he could I don't think our finances would permit a vacation. I really do need one though. All of the shit in my life is really starting to get to me.

I also need to get a letter sent off to the committee of bar examiners. I sent them a letter updating my name after I got it changed but apparently they never received it or they just decided to ignore it. I got my admissions ticket to the bar a few days ago and the wrong name was on it. The instructions say that if anything is wrong to send them notice of it in writing and so I need to do that. Blah. I'm also worried about my moral character applicaiton because I sent that in a month ago (and I know they received it because I got the certified mail receipt back) but they haven't sent me anything saying who is working on my case.

So much to get done before the bar (3 weeks and 1 day) and so little time to do it in.


You are Spawn. You've killed everyone that really
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else cuz you are stinking the place up with
that god aweful sulfer smell and I think I just
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