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Stuck In Line
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Going to a drive-thru at a fast food restaurant is supposed to be a time saver, right? Not today.

I wasn't going to post about this, but when I told Carrie about it she got a chuckle out of it and told me to post, so here I go.

On my way home from class today I decided to stop at McDonald's for lunch. I hit the one closest to my house and it was PACKED. There were no parking spots open and people who were trying to leave couldn't get out of their spots because of the backed up drive thru line. Unfortunately, once you're in the line you're trapped. At this point I would have gotten the hell out of there and grabbed something better for me for lunch, but I was trapped in the drive thru line. The line wound all around the parking lot. I was in that friggin' line for around 45 minutes. It took me longer to get lunch at a drive thru than it did for me to drive from Malibu to Studio City (traffic was clear all the way home and I made it in a record 40 minutes). *sigh*

I have learned my lesson - never hit a drive through anytime during lunch. I was there around 1:30ish. Bad idea. So bad. I'm surprised that there weren't skeletons in the drive thru cars from people who starved to death or people who died from old age. Sheesh. From now on I'm sticking with Jamba Juice for lunch.


Apparently, I'm as crazy as a dog in a car seat.

fuckity fuckity fuckity is I...... is....

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