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Staying In
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My Tummy Hurts

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Rob and I did indeed cuddle when I logged off of here earlier. But, we also fell asleep while cuddling and didn't wake up until around 5pm. When we did wake up I wasn't feeling too well (my stomach feels weird) and so we've just decided to stay in tonight. Yes, there are a lot of films out that we would like to see, but we're hoping to maybe get to one on a weeknight this week if my studying ends at a normal time.

Most of this week will be spent going over the substantive law with Carrie. Tomorrow is Torts. Blah. Then next weekend we have our PMBR class in Sherman Oaks. I still need to look around that area and see where I'll be going for that. But, hopefully one of the study days this week will end around when Rob gets home from work and we'll be able to see a movie or something then.

I'm kind of glad we're staying in tonight though. I really don't feel up for going out tonight.


This reminds me, once the bar is over I need to spend that weekend getting very, very drunk. Only hopefully this time I won't vomit on anyone. *eeps*

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