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I Hate Torts!
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My Head Hurts

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My head hurts. A lot. Ow. Make it stop.

I got up this morning around 8am, which for me is "sleeping in". Carrie came over around 9:30am. Today we Torted. And Torted. And Torted some more. And now we both have headaches. Kill us?

We started the day by going over the substantive law. We studied ALOT. Around 2pm we took a break, ate lunch, and watched Passions which she and I are both addicted to. It's so bad it's almost good. Almost. Then we did 50 multiple choice questions. That's what gave us the headaches.

Rob recently got home from work and he's going to cook us spaghetti and garlic bread. Yum. He also brought us home Godiva chocolates. *drools* I thought I'd make a quick post as a break and them I'm handing this puter over to Carrie so she can do her thing on the net. Tonight we still need to do the Torts essays and *maybe* some more multiple choice questions depending on what time it is. Neither of us wants to stay up really late tonight because tomorrow we do this all over again only for a different subject. Plus, sometime tonight I need to make a run to the drug store to pick up a Rx of mine. I was supposed to get it yesterday when I actually had some free time, but they were out of my med so I need to get it tonight. Blah.

So, tonight will be just like today. A lot of studying. And my main break will be a Sav-On run. Sounds like a ton of fun, huh? I want to die. And my head is KILLING me right now. It's day one and I have two more weeks of this torture to look forward to. *le sigh*

As a side note, my fishay tattoo is now peeling. Alot. And Rob and Carrie are calling it my leper fish. It's not a leper fish!!!!!


I guess this is kind of fitting. I do have two "cute" tattoos (my celtic fishay and my lynx paw print), but I also have one cool one (my sutekh hieroglyph), and one scary one (my demon doggie).

You are the CUTE tattoo. Youre childish or young at
heart, you like cute things. I wouldnt
necessarily call you a form of expression, but
theres nothing wrong with a small tattoo-ic
decoration. Good enough.

What kind of tattoo are you?
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