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I Hate Evidence!
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Two Weeks Left - fuckfuckfuckfuck...

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Two weeks left until the bar. I AM SO FUCKED!!!!!

Yesterday was hell. 12 hours of studying. 12 hours people. Do you know what it's like to study Torts for 12 hours? Cause I'm gonna tell you. IT SUCKS MASSIVE DONKEY SCHLONG!!!!!!!! Yeah. That bad. On the bright side, Carrie is right here going through it with me. And keeping me from burning all my bar prep books. And Rob cooked for us last night and brought us Godiva chocolates. He has to be the best hubby in the world.

After studying I had to make a run to Sav-On to get my Rx. Yeah, my exciting big break of the day. My life sucks right now.

Today was Evidence. Once again Carrie came over around 9:30 am and we went into learning Evidence. And then did a whole lot of multiple choice questions. When I head off line we need to go over essays and then probably some more multiple choice questions. This is my life, and right about now I think I'd rather be doing almost anything. Could someone please remind me why I went into law again? Oh yeah, cause I'm an idiot. *sigh*

So, yeah. Today = Evidence. And a lot of it. Tomorrow will be HELL. Property. Bleah-twitch-prays-for-death.

I'm feeling sorry for Rob and Carrie right about now. Rob is going through hell at work with some mock JayCo inspection or something like that and Carrie is going through hell with prepping for the bar - and the both of them are sick. I've been loading Carrie up on cold meds and herbal remedies today trying to get her to feel better. And I've started downing Echinacea to try and not get sick. Whenever I get a cold it turns into bronchitis and then pnemonia and that's the LAST thing I need going into the bar. So, I'm doing everything in my power to try and stay healthy right about now.

So, that's what's going on with me right now. Just a whole lot of studying for something I probably won't pass no matter how hard I work. I need a vacation. I really do. Why does everyone get a vacation and I get stuck with jury duty? So not cool.



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