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For those of you who care, Carrie and I are currently spending around twelve hours a day studying for the bar with only a lunch break and a dinner break. We're soon going to be completely homicidal.

Last night we worked on Real Property while Rob had quite a little adventure involving chicken, his bank account, and almost getting run over by a car. Once Carrie headed out Rob and I watched some TV and then went to sleep.

Today Carrie and I are working on Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure. Shouldn't be too hard, right? I mean, I did get good grades in all my Crim classes in law school. Ha. That means NOTHING. We went over the law this morning and seemed to have it down pat when we quizzed each other. Then came the multiple choice questions (which for some odd reason ONLY focused on Criminal Law and didn't ask us a thing about Criminal Procedure - real helpful there). The MC questions were lame and insane. The vast majority of them had all "wrong" answers where you have to pick "the best of the worst". Huh????? There were also questions where the right answer went against the law and once again all the answers contradicted each other. Carrie and I are not stupid women. We got through law school and as of this morning we understood Criminal Law / Procedure. But neither of us did well on the MC questions. Why? Because they make absolutely NO SENSE. None at all.

Fuck. Fuckity fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck!!!

And to top everything off, I'm currently on the rag.

Tonight looks to be more of the same. Carrie and I still need to do the Criminal Law / Procedure essays and *maybe* some more multiple choice questions. We'll see. I need to get to bed at a decent time tonight because I have to get up at 6am once again tomorrow. Tomorrow and this weekend I have my PMBR class. PMBR is another bar review class, but it only focuses on the multiple choice part of the bar (the MBE). Joy.


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