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I Feel Like Ass
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Sick Beyond All Belief

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Whatever the hell I picked up is just getting worse. I'm so unbelievably sick right now. When I woke up this morning I would have given almost anything to have the day off. This "cold" or whatever it is has really packed a punch. My throat is still very sore (though I can swallow again which is a good thing), my head is all stuffy, my nose is stuffed up so badly that I have to breathe through my mouth (and look retarded in the process), I still have a fever (and keep getting really warm and then really cold), I have the shakes, and I'm dizzy. Now is NOT the time for me to be sick.

Despite feeling like complete ass this morning, I woke up bright and early, got ready, and headed out to my PMBR class. We spent the entire day (9am to 5pm) going over the first 100 multiple choice questions that we took yesterday. It was very slow and very boring and I don't know if I really learned anything or not. I feel like I did, but I've felt that way before and I'm still sucking ass on the practice exams so I don't know. All I can do at this point is try my best and pray to pass the bar.

Rob is a god. He was up in the area of my PMBR class today cause he needed to go to the DMV (everyone watch out - Rob has a driver's permit once again) and he brought lunch to Carrie and me. He brought a sack of McDonalds for us and let us just grab things. It was SO nice of him. He seriously has to be the best hubby in the world. Now, if we can just turn that permit into a license some day...

After class I drove straight home and passed out for a few hours. When I woke up Rob and I decided to order in Italian food from Miceli's (I wanted buttered pasta - really yummy sick food) and watched some TV. I think we'll probably go to bed soonish because I feel like ass and I have to get up way early again tomorrow for yet another not-so-fun filled day of PMBR.


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