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Con Law Monday
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I'm still sick as all hell today. Blech. Thanks to the wonders of Robitussin I can now breathe through my nose and my throat doesn't really hurt much anymore. However, I'm still way dizzy, kind of out of it, and there's still a ton of crap in my lungs. I make rattling sounds when I breathe in and out deeply so I've learned that it's best if I take shallower breaths. I'm also coughing up some nasty ass yellow crap. It's pretty gross and I feel like ass. I'm still praying that I'm all better by the time the bar rolls around.

Today Carrie came over and we worked on Constitutional Law. We went over the substantive law in the morning and then Shannon stopped by to give us some really cool bracelets that she had made for us. Carrie's has Tinkerbell on it and mine is rainbow stones and beads. Too cool. Thank you so much Shannon, YOU ROCK! Once Shannon headed out Carrie and I watched Passions and then got back to working. We did a butt load of multiple choice questions and are now taking a bit of a breather. When I log off Rob will probably start cooking dinner and Carrie and I will probably work on the essays for Con Law. Not too exciting, but the bar is almost a week away and we need to spend every waking moment preparing for it. That's life.


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