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My Tummy Hurts

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Yesterday Carrie came over in the morning and we worked on Civil Procedure. We learned the law, did the practice essays, and then worked on varied subject multiple choice questions since Civil Procedure is not tested on the MBE section (only in essay or possibly the performance test).

At around 7pm Carrie headed out and went over to her "he is NOT my boyfriend" love-bunny's house. Rob and I decided to head out as well. I know that I probably shouldn't be going out at all this close to the bar, however it had been almost two weeks since I had done anything non-bar related and I needed to get my mind off things for awhile. So, Rob and I made our way over to the Media City Center in Burbank. I got a pair of three inch platform black flip flops at Payless and then we went to see a movie. We ended up seeing The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I didn't think it was as bad as everyone has been saying. Granted, it had some huge problems with it, but I didn't go to see this film for the plot. I went to see it for the characters. So, while the plot was less than spectacular, the characters were very cool. I had fun. It's not a great film, but I thought it was a fun film.

Today when Carrie came over in the morning she was exhausted. Her love-bunny's apartment was WAY hot last night so she didn't get much sleep. I didn't get much sleep either since Rob and I got back from the movie late last night and since my coughing kept waking me up, so we decided to take a one hour nap before digging into work. After the little nap it was time for a double header of Corporations and Community Property. Once again we tried our best to learn the substantive law and work through all the damn essays. Carrie did an assload of random variety multiple choice questions while I did some chores and made some phone calls. So, tonight I'm playing catch up and trying to get to where Carrie is in the MC questions. When I log off of here I'll go back to the exam.

Okay, so it's opinion time people. Please leave comments and give me your opinion on this! The Saturday after the bar I have a hair appointment and I'm going to change hair colors. I'm considering two different colors: red (dark to medium so it's still red when the color fades out a bit as reds are known to do) or dark blonde (dark enough to border on brown - close to my natural color). I've been red before so I know it looks good on me. I haven't been dark blonde before, but since it's close to my natural color (which is a dark ash blonde) it should look okay as well. On one hand I want to do red because it's fun, sexy, it's my favorite hair color, and I think my hubby would cream himself if I was a redhead. On the other hand I want to go dark blonde because it would be easy to upkeep, would probably be a more toned down color which might be better for the whole job hunting thing, and I wouldn't always have to worry about getting my roots touched up. So, I don't know what to do. I booked off a decent period of time at the salon so I should be able to go either way (though I probably will have to let Margie know what I choose a few days before). So, what do you think I should do? Dark blonde or red? What do you think would look better on me? Please give me your opinions and the reasons for your decision. Thanks. I highly appreciate it. Even if you don't know me and have never seen me before please let me know which one you would go with (if it helps I have the color for both because I'm pretty damn pale). Thanks!


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