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Panicky - It's Too Close To The Bar!

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Last night when Carrie and I got done with our day's worth of studying Rob cooked us tacos. Very yummy tacos. Then we popped in a rented copy of Phone Booth. Very good movie, I wish I would have been able to see it in the theatre. Once the movie was over with Carrie headed out and Rob and I headed to bed.

This morning Carrie came over around 10am for our last day of studying together. We're on our own from here on in. *snifflewah* We went over Professional Responsibility (substantive law and the essays) and Remedies (substantive law and the essays) and then did 50 mixed subject multiple choice questions. So - at this point I should know all the law I will need for the exam. But I don't. I don't feel like anything has sunk in and that scares the shit out of me. I'm starting to even think about how to prepare for February. Not a good thing.

When Carrie and I finished studying she took off for home and Rob and I headed over to Universal. I needed some fun. We ended up seeing Pirates of the Caribbean. That was an incredible film. It's a little scary that one of the best films I've seen in awhile is based on a ride at Disneyland. I was also happy to be able to see the preview for Haunted Mansion. Must see that. I'm really glad I got to see Pirates. I think that's going to be one that I need to buy when it comes out on DVD. One thing I don't understand though is why girls think that Orlando Bloom is hot. I just don't see it. Even with the facial hair he just looks way to effeminate for me. Ew. Johnny Depp on the other hand - yum. I don't know, maybe I just have a thing for dark haired and dark eyed guys. Like Rob. *big grin* After the film we went to dinner at our usual place - Shanghai and Mein. There was a bit of a wait, but we were bumped up in line and seated before we should have been since a lot of the wait staff there knows us. We ordered a whole bunch of appetizers. I am so full right now. After dinner we headed on home.

Tomorrow I need to do more studying even though Carrie's not coming over. And sometime in the evening my Mom should be arriving. Dear god, the bar is just getting too close for comfort. I AM NOT READY.




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