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Two days left until the bar. Well, in a few minutes it will technically be one day until the bar. I NEED MORE TIME!!!!!

Today I finally got to sleep in a bit. I still didn't get all the sleep I needed, but sleeping in a bit more than I have been felt really good. Unfortunately, I didn't get much studying done which means that I'm gonna be working my ass off tomorrow. Tomorrow I need to go over some performance tests, re-go over some law that I'm still shaky on, do more multiple choice questions, and look over some essays. It's crunch time. And panic time to boot.

Mom came in to town today. She rented a huge SUV (some Ford monstrosity). When she got here we headed out to the grocery store for some stuff and then came back here. We ordered in dinner from Koo Koo Roo and popped in my DVD of Final Destination 2. It was nice to give my brain some time to think about things other than the bar, but I'm so gonna pay for it tomorrow. All I'll be doing tomorrow is studying and the laundry. Ugh. I hope my Mom doesn't get too bored.

I can't believe the bar is so close. This is not a good thing. *panicpanicpanic*


Hic. Woof. Hic. I have a feeling this will be me the weekend after the bar.

I am an alcoholic dog.

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