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Day Three
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Today was the last day of the bar. Thank god. I don't know if I could take any more of that.

This morning was once again three hours and three essays. The first essay I was cool with. It was a Torts essay on the four privacy torts and some defamation (both libel and slander). Now, I don't remember much from my Torts class, but I did learn this in my Communications Law class. So, that one wasn't too bad. The second essay was on Professional Responsibility and I pretty much BS'd my way through it. The final essay was on Wills. The people at the bar review class tried to assure us that there was no way Wills would be on the exam. A bunch of people freaked when they found out that Wills was on there because they didn't bother to study for it. One person started puking in the middle of the exam. They were taken off to the bathroom, but could you imagine having to be the person seated next to them? Ew. I wasn't too upset with the Wills question. Carrie and I made sure to study every subject and we did go over Wills. That was my morning. I got an hour for lunch and snarfed a sandwich with my Mom in the un-airconditioned hallway.

This afternoon was a three hour performance test. It SUCKED. First off, it was on Contracts - the one subject that I can't for the life of me understand. Ugh. It was also a memo with no directions on how to write a memo. So I tried to fake it as best I could. I don't think I did too well on that one.

If I had to guess right now, I would say that I probably didn't pass. But, the grading is kind of arbitrary so you never know. I won't really know until the end of November (after Thanksgiving) if I passed or if I'll be doing this again in February. I really hope I passed. I need a job desperately right now and I don't know if I could go through this all again.

But now the bar is over and that makes me sooooo happy. I'm really giddy and kind of spastically insane at the moment.

Mom, Rob, and I headed out to Shanghai and Mein for dinner. I got some alcoholic drinks there which was nice because I rarely get the chance to drink at dinner since I'm always the one driving (Rob needs a driver's license). But tonight Mom drove so I had a few drinks. Not even enough to really feel it, but it was nice to be able to drink.

After dinner we made a stop off at the grocery store. I was still giddy and I think I seriously scared a man. We were getting into the elevator and I looked at a man and said "Jigglypuff is your new god." He wouldn't get into the elevator with us. Hehehe.

Now we're chilling at home. We should go to bed soon. I think we're all really tired and I have to get up kind of early tomorrow cause my Mom has a hair cut appointment with some hoighty toighty guy in Beverly Hills.

The bar is over with. Wooooooo-hooooooo!!!


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