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Day Two
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Brain Dead

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Just for the record, the bar sucks ass. Not that I expected it to be cool or anything, but damn. If any of you out there are considering being a lawyer, especially in California, you might want to think again.

I got up before the sun came up this morning and headed over to Pasadena once more. Today was the multiple choice sections so I didn't have to worry about bringing my computer with me. We did 100 questions in the morning, then had a break for lunch, and then did another 100 questions in the afternoon. I hate multiple choice questions. I can usually narrow the answers down to two, but I have to guess from there. And sometimes I can't narrow them down at all and just need to blindly guess. I have no clue how I did on it. All I can do is hope that I didn't suck ass. Oh well, even if I don't pass this time at least it gives me a leg up for February. *sigh*

Right now I'm dead tired. All I want is food and sleep. Tomorrow I repeat what I did on Tuesday only with new subjects. Oh joy. Someone shoot me now.


I can see you!!! With my leetle puppy eyes.

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