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Girls Day Out
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Yeah, that's right. My mood is happy. Why? Because the bar is over with and I can now have my life back. Today really was the first day of the rest of my life. I have a life. Wheeeeeeee!

Today Carrie came over in the morning and my Mom, Carrie, and I headed over to Beverly Hills. My Mom had an appointment at the Jose Eber salon on Rodeo Drive. Her appointment was with Jose himself (four hundred bucks for a haircut, can you believe that?). Her hair was down to her waist when she went in. Now it's pretty damn short, but looks phenomenal. That man really knows what he's doing and she loves the cut. She also had her eyebrows shaped as well. While there Carrie and I had a few things done. Carrie got a manicure and a pedicure (french tips) and had her eyebrows done. I had a pedicure (pinkish/purpleish polish) and my eyebrows done. It was so nice and so cool to have a girls day out. That salon is sooooo cool. But then again it's on frickin' Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, so what do you expect?

After the salon we were all starving. It was after 3pm and none of us had eaten anything all day. We drove down Wilshire and stopped at the Bob's on Wilshire and Highland. From there we went down Wilshire to Good Samaritan Hospital and picked my hubby up from work. We then headed home.

Carrie took off soon after we got back home and Mom, Rob, and I chilled out for a bit. Later on the three of us went out to dinner at Benihana. Yum. That's one of my favorite restaurants. So good!

Now we're chilling at home. My Mom leaves tomorrow and heads back to Illinois. That sucks. I wish she could stay out here for longer. But at least my mind will be preoccupied with other things so I won't be really depressed that she's gone. I have a hair appointment tomorrow during the day (and will probably go dark blonde) and tomorrow night it's time to go to Dungeon with a group of my friends (in a limo no less) and party. Party time. The bar is over and done with and the alcohol needs to start flowing.


Ooooooh, neat. Me like.

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