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Movie Night
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Not having to deal with anything at all this week seems to be doing me some good. Have you seen the mood meters this week? I think most of them are happy and content. Yay. Of course, all of that will probably change once jury duty rolls around.

Today I slept in and watched some TV. Once again I have to say how nice it feels to do nothing.

When Rob got home we headed out to the Media City Center in Burbank and saw Freaky Friday. It was a lot better than I thought it would be. Probably one of the best incarnations of this film that I've seen. Very fun popcorn flick. After the movie we grabbed some Del Taco and headed home to watch TV and munch on our tacos. A very low key day. Just the way I like it. *contented purr*

On a random note, Rob's Mom called the other night to see how his back was and made some weird comments about how weight effects one's back. Okay, whatever. Well, today she called him at work because she was worried about how fat he's getting and about how him being fat will make his back problems worse. Rob called his brother John, and John told him that his Mom has been obsessing about Rob being fat ever since our wedding. Is there something I'm missing here? Rob is not fat. He weighs less than most guys I know and his doctor has told him that he's slightly (only about 5-10 pounds) underweight. So, his Mom is on crack. She's obsessing over him being fat. As far as I know, she's the only one who thinks Rob has a weight problem. So, yeah. Apparently my hubby is a lard ass, at least in his Mommy's eyes. He's been calling people and yelling "BEEFCAKE" into the phone. Seriously.


Oooooh, slinky kitty! *girly squeal of aw that's such a cute kitty*

Everyone loves a slinky

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