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Scarlet S Award
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For those of you not in the know, the "Scarlet S" is an invention of Shannon's. When someone is too stupid to live they get branded with the "Scarlet S" so that everyone around them will know how stupid they are and act accordingly. Well, today I met a candidate for the "Scarlet S".

Carrie and I were shopping in a store called Forever 21 today at the Glendale Galleria. I was looking at some cute polka dot flip flops. They only had one pair of each style out there so I thought maybe if you wanted to buy something you had to have someone get it for you from in back.

I approached a salesgirl. Nice person and not retarded. I asked her about the shoes and she confirmed my idea that you had to get the pair you wanted to buy from in back. She was busy so she called someone over to help me. She called over a retard worthy of the Scarlet S.

The conversation went something like this:

Me: I'm interested in getting those polka dot flip flops over there. Size large. Can you grab a pair from the back for me?
Moron: Sure, let me see them.
Moron then proceeds to walk to the wrong part of the store. I correct her and after a few tries I lead her into the shoe area. I should have known right then and there what level of retardism I was dealing with.
Moron: What did you want?
Me: Those polka dot flip flops *points to the shoes* in a large.
Moron: What size?
Me: Large.
Moron: Those are large.
Me: Yes, I realize that. I tried them on and want to get them. The girl over there said I needed to get a pair from the back because these are the display ones.
Moron: Yes.
Me: Can you get them for me?
Moron: Those?
Me: Yes.
Moron: In a large?
Me: Yes.
Moron: Okay.
The fucking idiot then proceeds to go in back for about five minutes. She walks out holding the SAME PAIR OF FLIP FLOPS THAT WERE OUT FRONT in her hands. Nothing else.
Moron: Here you go.
Me: Aren't those the same ones that were out here?
Moron: Yes. I looked at them again and they're the color you wanted and in a large! (She seemed really proud of knowing this.)
Me: Yes, we went over that already. And someone else told me I had to purchase a pair from the back.
Moron: I brought them to the back with me. That should make it okay to buy them.
At this point I gave up.

So, if anyone is deserving of a Scarlet S it is her. That way, I could look and see the S on her shirt and say "Oh, I'm sorry, this was all my bad, I didn't see the S there and shouldn't have had such high expectations of you." Maybe she's married to the guy Rob ran into at Popeye's. *sigh*

Read/Post Comments (3)

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