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Last night Rob and I headed out to Burbank because he needed some new shoes. We stopped at Payless and he got a new pair of black sneakers to wear to work (how much to you envy him getting to wear sneakers to work?) and I got a pair of black high heeled mules and red sparkley flip flops. We then headed across the way to Target. I got some tension bands there to work out with and we also picked up a fishay shower curtain and shower curtain rod. I am so damn sick of always looking into our gross little shower and Lisa gave me the idea of putting a shower curtain up over the sliding doors. It looks pretty cool (although Carrie thinks the fishays are hiding sharp teeth behind their smiles and that they will eat Rob's face off some night). We also got a few other things, but I don't remember offhand what they were.

Today Carrie came over to my place around 11am. We fiddled around on the computer a bit and gave her journal a new look and then headed out to the Glendale Galleria mall. She needed some new clothes since she's going on a cruise next week. We grabbed some lunch at the Red Robin attached to the mall and then shopped. We went all over the mall and went into many stores. She ended up getting some very cute things, I'll let her tell you all about that on her own journal. I got some more flip flops (yes, I am a flip flop whore, but I also kill them pretty quickly) and a new purse. I was going to get a purple one, but the brown trim made it look nasty and so I got a really cool grey and black purse. Yes, I am also a purse whore. Bite me.

After the mall we were both fairly tired so we headed back to my place. Rob was already home from work. We tried to figure out if we wanted to stay in or if we wanted to go out and see a film. We were all violently ambivalent about what to do so we ended up staying in and ordering Mexican food from El Torito. Mmmm, flan. Carrie took off around 9pm and now I'm doing e-mail and journal stuff. I can't say enough just how much I love having the time to do whatever the hell I want. I so forgot what I was missing over the past three years, and I probably will again once I start working as an attorney. But for now, I'm just kicking back and being happy.


Looks like Fizzgig from "The Dark Crystal".

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