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The Joy Of Nothing
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Last night Rob and I went to Blockbuster to return our rented DVD and picked up a new DVD to watch - I believe it was called Birth Rite. We then headed to PetCo to get some kitty food and a play tree for the cats. After that we stopped by Barone's (best pizza in the world) and picked up a double cheese and fresh basil pizza to take home with us. Yum.

When we got home we put the cat tree by the window (the cats were immediatly all over it), munched on pizza, and watched Birth Rite. The film was an amusing and entertaining really bad "B" movie and the pizza was great. We've come to the realization that Amber is a little snobby little bitch cat who can't share. She totally hogged the new cat tree and every time Sydney tried to climb on it she would beat the crap out of him. *sigh* At least they like it.

Today I've been doing more of the relaxing thing - and I *love* it! I slept in, watched Passions, and did some more laundry. It's so nice not to have to do anything. This week is so much fun so far. Tonight Rob and I are thinking about doing some clothes shopping for him. Should be interesting. And I think tomorrow that Carrie and I are going to hang out. I love this! I have free time and can do whatever I want - even if what I want to do is sleep and watch bad soap operas. This is so SWEET. Unfortunately next week is jury duty, which means it's back to the real world. But this week is time for me to cherish. I don't think any of you (except perhaps Carrie and Shannon) understand just how much I needed this time to do absolutely nothing. Yay nothing!


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