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Around The House
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Today is just an around the house sort of day. I slept in and watched some TV today. I'm currently doing the laundry and tonight I need to make a run to PetCo to get the kitties more dry food and maybe pick up a hidey hole for Amber since she's taken to sleeping in boxes. I'll see what they have there.

This has been such a nice day so far. Granted, it's a bit on the boring side, but after all I've gone through boring is nice. I spent the last three years with pretty much no down time, and now I have a week off. Yay. Carrie and I are prolly going to get together one of these days and do some shopping. She's the only person who's not in school or working right now and we're both bored, but happy to be bored. Being bored is so much better than cramming for the damn bar or doing law school crap. So, this week is mine to do with what I damn well please. Next week is jury duty and after that I'll work on the job hunt. I think I'll cherish this week of time off, sleeping late, and watching TV. Yay. Freedom!


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