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Hibachi Babies
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Happy / Sleepy

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Today Rob and I slept in pretty late. We did around the house stuff for most of the day and then had some serious fun at night.

Around 8ish Shannon and Carrie came over. The three of us headed out to the Benihana in Encino. After we got there we met up with an old friend of Carrie's named Todd. Very cool guy. We had a very yummy dinner and scared some of the people at the table next to us. There was a little baby at the other table and a few of us made comments about a hibachi baby. Shannon then piped in that it would be veal. I told her it wouldn't be veal unless we stuffed it into a cat carrier and left it in a basement for awhile. Shannon and Rob lost it and Carrie said a whole lot of "ew"s. Rob then started making "baby, the other white meat" comments. At that point they took the baby to the other side of the table. There were weird people there. A woman was nursing a little boy who was WAY to old for nursing. And we got to see a goth girl's panties cause she couldn't keep her pants up. Very interesting experience.

After Benihana we all headed back to Rob's and my place. Rob and Todd made a run to the Ralph's across the street and bought a whole lot of booze. We all made drinks (like scooby snacks) and got a bit toasted. I don't think we were actually drunk, but we were tipsy enough to want to watch really bad porn. I mean REALLY BAD porn. Even Todd was shocked at how bad this porn was. Once the porno was over and done with people started meandering out. It was already after 3am and sleep was on everyone's minds. In fact, when I'm done posting I think I'll be flopping down on my bed as well.

As a side note, I really need to learn to only get my nails painted clear when I get a manicure. One of them has already chipped. I don't know why, but I can't seem to keep polish on my nails. I think tomorrow I'll take the white off and put on a clear coat. They'll look polished and all that but I won't have to keep re-doing them every time they chip. Ugh. I'm on call for jury duty starting Monday. It's gonna suck. Maybe they'll let me go since technically I work in Chicago right now. I even have the documents to prove that I don't work in LA - I had to pay Illinois taxes last year. We'll see. I can tell you this much though. After three years of law school and just taking the bar it will be very stupid to put me on a jury. Especially since I also recently had trial practice and I know what a good trial lawyer does and does not do. I'll so be judging them on how well they work in a court room. And honestly, I don't think that's someone who should be a juror. But I guess that's up to them now, isn't it?

Yeah, okay, anyway, bedtime! Zzzzzzzz...


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