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Safe - But For How Long?
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So, tomorrow I am safe. I called in the jury service number and they told me to call back tomorrow after 6pm. I guess that means that I don't have to go in tomorrow. On one hand, I'm happy I don't have to be there - I just plain don't want to go (does anyone?). On the other hand, I'm pissed off. I wish I could have found out that I wasn't called on Monday a bit sooner than 6pm tonight. Since I didn't know if I would be home or not tomorrow I had to stay home all today to do household chores that I would have done on Monday. That way, if I got called, everything would be done. However, if I would have known that I didn't have to be there on Monday then I could have gone out and had some fun today. Oh well, at least I don't have to be there tomorrow.

Today I spent the day doing boring household chores since I didn't know if I would be around tomorrow or at all this week. Being on call really cramps your life up. I was able to get done almost all of the laundry that needed to be washed (I think I have two loads left to do tomorrow). Rob and I also played a lot of the Pokemon card game to pass the time during chores and laundry. I can't believe we're playing that again. We haven't touched the cards for years. But, it's fun, so whatever. Time for Adult Swim (if you don't watch it you should - Sunday nights on Cartoon Network).



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