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Still Safe (Whew)
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Today I pretty much hung around the house. Being all cooped up has started to make me a little stir crazy and I'm pretty damn hyper right now. I need to find something to do next week if I don't get on jury duty. I'm not used to having nothing to do during the day and while it was fun for awhile it's getting a little weird now. I need a job. I wish the damn bar results would come sooner than the end of friggin' November. *sigh*

I called the jury phone number and I'm safe again for tomorrow. Whee! Granted, I need to do something outside the house for a bit - but I don't want it to be jury duty. If I'm on a bit of a break I don't want to touch anything having to do with law. And honestly I think I would make a pretty shitty juror at this point in my life.

Lisa sent me a rather scary link today. Let's just say I'm very happy that I don't have to be at Pepperdine anymore. VERY happy. I don't think I could deal with that man again. I had him for one semester and wanted to throttle his right wing Christian Republican ass. So glad I'm not there anymore.

I wanna play more Pokemon tonight. I think I'm getting addicted again. Greeeaaat. *sigh* It's always nice to see that when I have no life I gravitate towards gaming stuff. There's no way in hell I'm rejoining the Cam though. It was fun while it lasted but that's so not my thing anymore. Gaming is fine - as long as it's card games or table top. No more live action. I'm too old for that.


Am not!

Im a fence bitin' country hick pony.

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