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Three Days of Safety (woot)
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I am once again safe. I'm not called in for jury duty tomorrow. Let's hope they don't need me on Thursday or Friday either. Please, please, please!!! Besides, Friday would be a BAD day to be called in - I have plans for that night. Jason vs. Freddy comes out and I've been waiting around thirteen years to see that!

Okay, so I have come to realize that some news reporters are deserving of a Scarlet S. I don't know what station I had on (it was something like CNN or MSNBC), but the reporter was talking about the joke that is California's governor's election. Anyway, they made the comment that they were surprised that Ahnold's popularity rating was only at 50%. He was surprised because most people know him from his movies and always playing a hero. An example that he came up with was the "hero" character of the Terminator. Um - yeah. Okay, so did someone miss the original Terminator or something??? Granted, his character was a "good guy" in T2 and T3, but the original Terminator character was a "villain". Doesn't anyone watch anything other that sequels and blockbusters anymore? *sigh* This whole gubernatorial thing is giving me yet another reason to hope I get a job in Chicago. So sick of California...


So obvious.

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