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Looks Like It'll Be Friday
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I don't have to go in to jury duty tomorrow, so it looks like I'll have to head in on Friday. *grumbles* Of course it would be the ONE day I didn't want to go (period should be starting and I want to see Freddy vs. Jason before the crowds get out of control. Does anyone know if you're allowed to bring a Game Boy with you to play with as you wait around? I mean, as long as the volume is off and everything.

Today was rather boring, but once again it was a nice sort of boring. The kind where I sleep in, watch some TV, play Pokemon cards with my hubby, etc. I'll get sick of this soon enough and be begging to get out and work, but for now it's still kind of nice. I desperately needed a vacation and now it's nice to have one. Though I wish I could actually go someplace now that I have free time. *sighs* Maybe I'll head out to Illinois for my birthday if I still don't have a job by then. We'll see. But for now my journal entries will be a bit boring probably since I really don't have anything interesting to do. I'll keep posting though - it's what I do best.


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