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Bad Day For A Road Trip
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I'm kind of worried about my Mom right now. This morning she took off from her house in Illinois to drive to New York. My aunt Shirley lives there and my Grandma has spent the last week there with her. My Mom is going to spend some time there and then drive back with my Grandma. My Mom had planned on making the trip in one day and getting into New York sometime tonight. She's not going to the city of New York, she's headed to some little mountain area.

I turned the TV on today and heard about the giant power outage that has effected most of the north-east. Now I'm a bit worried about my Mom. She's driving through a LARGE chunk of the blacked out area. She's a safe driver, but gas stations won't be working in those areas. And she won't be able to get a hotel room in any of those areas if she needs it because a power outage means that no place can take credit cards. So, I'm really hoping that she makes it there all right. A woman driving on her own through unknown territory is not the safest activity in the world even when everything is up and running.

She was supposed to call me when she got in this evening, but I don't know if she'll be able to do that. The phone lines in that area are all tied up. I won't feel better about this until I hear from her that she's safe and sound at my aunt's place. I think she picked a very bad day to drive from Illinois to New York.


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