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A Very Happy Jen (Woo-Hoo!)
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Happy Happy Joy Joy!

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I just heard from my Mom. While her road trip was made a living hell by the wide spread power outages across the east coast, she got to my aunt Shirley's just fine. She did grumble that there was nowhere for her to stop and pee though. Apparently every gas station or restaurant she came across was closed because there was no power. She also mentioned that she drove in on an almost empty tank of gas because there was nowhere for her to fill up the tank. But, she made it there and is all right and that's what matters. Yay.

I'm also very happy because my jury service is over and done with. I just called up and they told me that this is the end of my service. I don't have to go in at all. Sweet!!! Hopefully this also means that they can't call me for another year. That would be nice because there's a good chance that I will no longer live in LA a year from now. I'm kind of gunning for a job in Chicago right now because I really don't want to be in LA anymore. I hate this city and if I can get a job in Chicago it gives me the means to leave. However, I am still searching for a job in LA because at this point a job is a job and I need one badly. So, where I end up really depends on where I get hired. I'm just crossing my fingers for Chicago though. If I do go to Chicago, I'm dragging Carrie with me. I know it also means another bar, but from what I hear the Illinois bar isn't all that bad. Besides, I might have to take the California one over again in February *meeps*. Rob and I have been doing a lot of talking recently and he seems pretty cool with the idea of moving to Chicago. We'll just have to wait and see where I get work, I guess.


I *have* a hyper active kitty. Two of them in fact. What I really need is a kitty that can attack people with a fork, like this one can!

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