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A Bit Better
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Still A Bit Crampy

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I'm feeling better than I did yesterday. Not 100%, but better. Things should be fine by this weekend 'cause my period should be over by then. I swear, some days I hate being a woman. My periods are way worse than most of my friends. HEAVY bleeding (sometimes hemmoraging), BAD cramps, and it lasts usually around 7-9 days. Not cool. I know it can be made a lot better by taking the pill, but I can't take the pill or any other hormone birth control. *sigh* Sucks so hard. I'm just happy that I've been able to spend these past few days relaxing and not having to run around.

Rob and I are thinking about going out tonight because I'm feeling better and have been getting somewhat stir crazy recently. We haven't decided what to do or where to go yet. We can figure that out when he gets home from work tonight.

Tomorrow should be quite fun. I get to see Lisa again! I haven't seen her since the time I went down to her place back in May before bar review began. So, it should be very nice to see her again and to have some girl time. She has a doctor's appointment up in Ventura and I'm tagging along for that. Gives us a decent amount of time to talk and catch up on everything. She told me a bit about the mongoloids she works with last night on the phone. Wow. I never knew that some lawyers were that technologically inept. Lisa, I think you need to keep a running commentary of the stupid people at your office in your journal. Amuse the masses. Ooh, and I FINALLY get to give her the long overdue b-day present I've been holding on to. Yay!

I recently was talking with John, my brother in law, on AIM. He's shipping out to Liberia in ten days. *sigh* He's excited about it and I'm happy for him, but I'm gonna worry about him a bit. I just hope he stays safe. I guess at this point it might be a better place to be stationed than Iraq.

That's all the news on this end. I'll try to post again tonight to say what Rob and I ended up doing. That is, if I have the time before bed.


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