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See It Again For The Second Time
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Kind of Spacy

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Rob got home from work around his usual time. We decided to head out and went to the Burbank Media Center mall. We needed to see Freddy vs. Jason again. We grabbed tickets right when we got there. Then we went to the SanRio store and I got this weird little puppy/bunny thing holding a cinnamon roll. I don't know what it is, but it's cuuuuuuuute! After that we grabbed dinner at Johnny Rockets. We still had time to kill after dinner and so I looked around a bit in Lane Bryant. I got two tank top things that should look good either with pants or under a suit as a shell. We then went to see the movie again. I'm glad we saw it a second time. Maybe I'm on crack, but I think it's really good. And I'm still disappointed that the one I wanted to win didn't. *pouts* If you've seen this film drop me a line. I have a few words about why the wrong person (and I use the term person in the loosest sense of the word) won. After the movie we headed home and played a bit of Pokemon cards. Sheesh. It's a good thing I never got addicted to Magic. I'd be a junkie. I think it's time for some sleep. I need to get up tomorrow 'cause Lisa will be here around 10am.


Yeah, this is rather fitting of me "the morning after".

I am the "I'll NEVER drink again" type.
Sure you wont. Wanna go have a beer? Sure you

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