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Game Store Run
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Rob and I had considered going to the Santa Monica Promenade today, but ended up scrapping that idea because we slept in pretty late and I was feeling kind of dizzy when I woke up. So, we stayed in bed for awhile and when we got up we went over some D&D stuff so that I can better understand the game.

Later on, around 10ish, Berek and Pita dropped by. They picked up Rob and I and we headed to The Game Zone in Pasadena. A game store that stays open until midnight on Saturday nights. How cool is that? We looked around there a little bit and Rob picked up a D&D book and got me a plush Cthulhu. It's really neat looking (black velvet like fabric and some silver shiny fabric) and very cuddly. I have my very own cuddly elder evil god! Thanks Rob! Berek ended up getting Pita a stuffed red dragon. It's always nice when the man in your life buys you a stuffed evil creature. Pita and I are very lucky women.

After the game store we headed to a diner type restaurant called Conrad's. The service was allright, but the food was kind of sub-par. Next time I think we need to stick with Denny's or IHOP. But the four of us seemed to have fun while we talked and ate.

After the foodies Berek dropped Rob and I back home and headed off with a very sleepy Pita. I hope she's all right getting up for work tomorrow! Rob and I have just been chilling out here for a bit and I figured I would log on and post something before bed. But now, I think it's about time for bed.


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