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Yesterday Rob and I slept in again. Later that night, Berek and Al came over. We all headed out to The Pig in Hollywood. We looked in a few cool stores in the area and then grabbed some drinks at The Pig. We hung out in the cool middle eastern looking back room ands talked and drank various chai / thai / italian soda / coffee beverages. It was fun and was nice hanging out with Berek and Al. The four of us haven't done something in ages outside of D&D nights.

After The Pig we headed over to get some dinner at the IHOP on Sunset in Hollywood. There was only one waiter working there and a whole lot of customers so service was pretty slow. While we were eating a vagrant who reeked of booze came in and started going table to table asking for money. Our waiter tried to get him to leave, but the vagrant became belligerent and began to shove the waiter. That's when Al got up and gave the waiter a hand. Al pretty much single handedly intimidated the guy back out of the restaurant. We finished our meal and then headed out. I must admit that I was impressed that Al was the only person in the restaurant who was willing to help the waiter out, but that also worries me. It's nice to know Al is willing to play the hero in bad situations, but that can also get someone killed. He's just lucky that the guy didn't have any sort of weapon on him.

After foodage we all headed back home. Berek dropped Rob and I off at home and Al jumped in his car and headed home. Berek went off and Rob and I went back into our apartment. We watched some TV, I painted my nails a super pale lilac color, and then we went to bed.

Today we slept in again and then got some cleaning done around here. Neither of us felt like venturing out so we've spent the day around here and found an open Thai restaurant to order in from. It's probably just as well that we stayed here because Rob has to get up at ass o clock in the morning for work tomorrow. Blah.


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