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It's Worse Than That, It's Dead Jim
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My Head Hurts

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The chair that used to be sitting next to the computer (one of the kitchen table chairs) is now oficially dead. Rob and I were looking at journals when it collapsed. The chair is no more and Rob is putting it out to pasture (taking it to the garbage chute). Luckily we have three more, all waiting to be broken.

Today was pretty boring. No job, no life, blah, blah, blah. I woke up this morning and my neck was in knots, I must have slept wrong on it or something. The neck pains turned into a full on headache which made the day hell. Luckily I had no plans for the day. So, I spent the day around the house doing laundry and popping Tylenol which did nothing. Rob made tacos for us tonight and even yummy Rob cooked food didn't help the headache.

We watched a new show tonight called "The Joe Schmo Show" on Spike TV. Wow, that has to be one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. It's a reality show like so much of the trash on TV now-a-days, with a twist. All of the contestants (except for one named Matt) are actors. They have people doing humiliating things (how long can you touch this hooker?) and it's funny as all hell. I highly recommend it.

So yeah, bad headache, lots of laundry, and a dead chair. This is my life right now. I need a job or something to entertain me. Blah.


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