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Narcoleptic Weasels
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I'm currently talking to Lisa on AIM and drinking a Slurpee that my sweetie picked up for me when he ran out to 7-Eleven to get more soda.

Today was more of the same. Boring. Me around the house. But tonight Rob and I went out for a little bit. We went to the mall over in Sherman Oaks and looked around. I picked up some cool Hard Candy nail polish and a pair of undies. We looked around in some of the stores and had dinner at the food court there. Mmmm, Panda Express. I don't care if it's cheap ass fake Chinese food, it's still yummy.

Rob is currently lamenting over the fact that the chair he is sitting on doesn't rock as good as the broken one does. Give it time sweetie, I'm sure you can break it just as hard as you did the other one!

Lisa is still being stalked by a psychotic chicken and the e-mails she's getting are kind of funny/scary.

And I am bored and don't have much interesting to report about. I might not have much of a life right now, but at least I'm not stressed. I'm sure all of that will change when I get my bar results back. Three months or so to go until I see how I did. *sigh*

Oh, and if you're wondering about the title of this entry ... Rob decided to be one (a narcoleptic weasel). I wonder what that pays...

Oh, and he has a message for you all "squeaky, squeaky, squeaky, Zzzzzzzz". He is not well. Narcoleptic weasel. *shakes head and sighs*. It's better than the other night when he thought he was a narcoleptic field mouse dreaming of being Cthulhu. Don't ask.


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