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Sleep, Or Lack Thereof
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Ugh. This sucks so hard. It's currently around 7:30am Sunday morning. Rob is in bed sleeping. I'm on line trying to find things to do to entertain myself. I should also be in bed sleeping with my sweetie. But I'm not. Why? Because of fucking insomnia.

It's not that I'm not tired. I am. Mentally, anyway. But my body is wide awake when it shouldn't be. I need sleep, I should sleep, but I can't sleep. And it's frustrating the hell out of me right now.

I haven't slept at all tonight. Not one minute. I just cuddled my hubby until he fell asleep, stuck a large stuffed penguin in bed with him, and left the room to find something to do other than stare at the ceiling.

This is driving me nuts! I want to be able to sleep! *frustrated scream*

Suck, suck, suck...


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