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Cthulhu and Pals
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Evil Elder Gods Are Cuddly!

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Today was pretty cool and fun. Rob and I slept in today and then hung around the house during the afternoon. Now we're just chilling out and doing e-mail / journals. Rob is sitting next to me and has Amber passed out on his lap. Little cute narcoleptic kitty.

Tonight after work Berek and Pita came over. Rob and I ran down to their car (there was NO parking at all in the area) and we headed off. To where, we did not know. After much pondering and discussing we decided to be dorks and go to the Game Zone in Pasadena. We looked around and bought some stuff. Rob got himself a D&D book, I got a plush Nyarlathotep (one of the elder Gods from Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos), and Berek and Pita got me a dragon statuette. They did it cause Rob's and my sixth month anniversary is coming up, and they really didn't have to. But Berek said that our wedding is what brought them together, which is cool, but they really did not have to get anything. *sigh*

So, I now have a plush Cthulhu and a plush Nyarlathotep. I think I sense a plush collection of evil Elder Gods coming on! Cause if anyone needs to collect evil elder sleeping gods, it's me.

After the gaming store we headed back to the valley and grabbed some foodies at Denny's. Good dinner, though I'm now uncomfortably full. I think it's because I guzzled more diet coke's than should be humanly possible. Don't know why, but I was THIRSTY. After dinner they dropped Rob and I back home and we came up here and logged on. So, that's about all I have for an update for now. Time to go look at gaming stuff and watch some TV with my hubby.



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