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Talk About A Pain In The Neck!
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In Pain

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So this pain in my neck is really starting to become a "pain in the neck". Bad pun intended. Anyway, it's getting worse and worse. When I wake up in the morning it hurts horribly and I can't move my neck at all. During the course of the day it gets a bit better, I can move it around a bit and it's only a dull ache. But every time I go to sleep I wake up in extreme pain and the pain gets worse every day. I wish I knew what to do. Even Alieve isn't helping anymore. Any suggestions?

Last night Rob and I decided to head out and see The Order. Not a bad film. The plot and idea underying the film was excellent. However, it dragged in some spots and got a little boring at times. They really should have cleaned up some of the boring spots, but the original plot more than made up for the parts that dragged. All in all it was a very enjoyable film. I'm not goint to buy it on DVD, but I'll probably rent it when it's out on video. It seems like one of those films that can be enjoyed even more the second time around. So, if you don't mind a few boring spots I would highly recommend it. It's not too gory or scary and I really don't understand why it got an "R" rating. Maybe it's because of some of the slams against the Catholic church. *shrugs* Either way, go check it out if you have the time.

I got an interesting e-mail today. A 1L from Pepperdine did a web search for "Pepperdine Law" and my journal came up. I think some of the things I have been saying about life after law school and Pepperdine have spooked him a bit. Anyway, he e-mailed me wanting to talk about Pepperdine. I'm going to send him my phone number and see if he wants to meet up sometime. If any of you other Pepperdine people or ex-Pepperdine people would like to come along when I meet with him, let me know.


Actually, I rather like Play-Doh.

I am scared of play-doh.

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