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Take Me Out To The Ballgame
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happy about having a good night / pissed at the state of california

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Short paragraph about my physical ailments and then onto the ball game and why I need to leave California ASAP. My neck is still having major problems. I wake up in severe pain and by the time I go to bed it's almost all better. I don't want to lie down anymore because that's when the pain comes. Sucks. I now also have some sort of sore / ulcer thing in my mouth under my tongue that hurts like a bitch. I swear, I just need to take my brain out of my body and put it into the body of someone healthy (and hopefully younger). Blah.

When I opened the mail today I had a very shitty surprise. My car registration came and the fees are not pretty. For the last few years I've paid a hundred and some dollars to register my car for the year. Worse than most states charge, but still managable. The I hear about the King Of All Assholes (Gray Davis) passing a bill that makes our car tax go up. I didn't know how bad it would go up. My fucking car fee is over eight hundred bucks!!! I'm out of work and I have to pay around $815 if I want to be able to drive my car. I don't have that kind of money. So, I now have to go begging to my Mom so that I can keep driving my car. This is so fucking shitty (especially since very soon I'll have to pay another grand or so for six months of car insurance). California has a horrible economy right now. The unemployment rate is at an all time high (even worse than back in the depression) and they want to make it so people can't afford to drive their cars anymore. I hate this fucking state. I really do. Every time I think about maybe staying in California because all of my friends are here something comes along and slaps me in the face. Fuck it. I'm sick of this fucking city and I'm sick of this shitty state. From now on I'm going to give a shot at applying only to Chicago law firms. I want out. Now. And from what's going on at work with Rob so does he. So, as long as I can get a job in Illinois I'm so gone. I hate this fucking state.

At least tonight was fun. Berek and Pita came by the apartment and picked Rob and I up a little after 5pm. We headed into LA for a Dodger game. I'm not really a Dodger fan at all (Cubs and Sox fan) but I knew that Rob digs baseball and so I went. It was fun, but really cold. Since it was so hot out today I thought to wear a t-shirt, capri pants, and flip flops. It was freezing there and both Pita and I were shivering. Despite the cold and my utter lack of baseball knowledge, I had fun at the game. I only wish I could see a Cubs or a Sox game so I could root for the team. I refuse to root for the Dodgers. Ew. Angels, maybe. But never the Dodgers. Still, it was fun. And because the Padres didn't score anything we all got to turn in our tickets for free Krispy Kreme donuts. Yum. I'm so not gonna be able to fit out the door soon, but Krispy Kreme's are so worth it.


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