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That Guy Behind Me
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Something I forgot to mention about the baseball game last night. That guy behind me. I wanted to kill him and his entire family of retards.

This annoying, huge (we're talking probably close to 500 lbs here people), stinky, pig of a man kept throwing food on me. Now, I'm on the large side, but DAMN. This guy was big enough that he touched the back of my chair. Whenever he ate peanuts he would drop the shells ON ME. I had peanut shells in my shirt when I went to the bathroom. He pretty much dropped pieces of whatever he was eating at the time on me. I was hit with hot dog bun pieces, found mustard in my hair, etc. I don't think he meant to do this, it's just that he would lean over and eat over me. Ew. Just stand up and eat over a fucking trash can if you can't eat like a normal person. Yeah, it's a bit cramped at ball games, but I didn't get anything on the guy in front of me. Sheesh. Also, every time he would get up I would get smacked in the head with hs elbow. His wife sat behind me for awhile too and kept bumping into my back with her knee, but that was tolerable compared to Mr. Piggy. His whole family (kids were there too) looked retarded. Have you ever seen people who just sit there with their mouth open and a vacant stare in their eyes? That was him, his wife, and their ass ugly stinky kids. They seriously needed to learn what a shower and a washing machine are. Ew. So gross. How do people like that not keel over from some disease? Seriously, when you're that dirty you would think they would have health problems or something. Anyhow, ew. Forgot to mention that last night and I thought I should share Mr. Piggy with the world.

This morning when I was still in bed Rob got one of the maintenance guys up here. We needed the filter changed on our AC. Apparently we needed it changed more than we thought. The guy asked if we had lost a cat up there and then proceeded to show Rob a dust bunny the size of Amber. We also had him change one of the lights in the bathroom that had gone out. I slept through it and Rob woke me up when he left. We ordered in some Greek food for lunch and harassed my Mom with calls of "Ernie Von Schlaehorn from Menominee Falls" (don't ask). Now I need to check some show times and get my lazy ass into the shower so we can see a movie or something tonight.


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