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Going Grey At 28
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I have to agree with Carrie, while being unemployed is nice in that you have the freedom to do what you want when you want to, it's also rather boring. I need something to do with my days. I just wish my bar results would come back a bit faster. Passing the bar = job.

Saturday Rob and I headed out to Montclair for my hair appointment. For awhile now I had considered going back to my natural color and giving up getting my hair dyed, but it looks as if that will never happen. Apparently I'm going VERY grey. My hair is around half grey at the moment. So - it's sad to say that I now need to dye my hair instead of just wanting to dye my hair. Combine this news of my going with grey with my last private posting and you can see why I'm feeling very old right now. I wish I was a kid again. For more reasons than those.

I kept the base hair color the same as I got last time (dark blonde / light brown) and got some lighter blonde highlights put into it. I like the color a lot better now. It's closer to my natural which means I don't have to go in and get touch ups as often. I think I'll stick with this until I get a job and then maybe go red again. We'll see.

After my hair appointment Rob and I headed to a Baker's Square in the area and met up with Kat and Marcelo Figueroa and their two month old baby, who is also named Marcelo. The baby was cute for being a baby. If you're confused as to what I mean by this - I pretty much don't like babies and think they're all ass ugly. This one was one of the better looking babies I have seen, but nonetheless it's still a baby. A kid needs to be able to walk and talk before I think it's cute or want to have anything to do with it. We grabbed dinner and talked. It was nice to see Kat again, cool to meet her little Marcelo, and the older Marcelo acted civilly - so all seemed to turn out good. After dinner Rob and I headed back home.

Sunday we were both super tired so we slept in and did things around the house. We found a kick ass Chinese restaurant in the area with vegetatian "meat" dishes that delivers and so we ordered in from them. The food was very yummy. I think Rob's beginning to see that going vegetarian is easier than most people think (especially in a health and body conscious city like LA).

Today I'm doing household chores and massive amounts of laundry. Nothing too interesting. We had toyed with the idea of going out tonight, but Rob mentioned that work was hard and he's tired and I'm not feeling too great, so we'll prolly just stay in tonight. Tomorrow I get to take my car into the dealer (finally). Needless to say, since I'm out of work life is kind of boring right now. Ah well, I should enjoy the boredom while it lasts because once I'm employed as an attorney I probably won't have any time to do anything I want to anymore. It seems to always be either feast or famine with my life.


Okay, so this quiz is WAY off. There is no way in hell that I could be pegged as "neutral good". Everyone I know has pegged me as either "lawful neutral" or "lawful evil" and I tend to agree with them. Let me know if any of you get an accurate response with this test.

Neutral Good - These characters believe that a
balance of forces is important, but that the
concerns of law and chaos do not moderate the
need for good. Since the universe is vast and
contains many creatures striving for deifferent
goals, a determined persuit of good will not
upset the balance; it may even maintain it. If
fostering good means supporting organized
society, then that is what must be done. If
good can only come about through the overthrow
of existing social order, so be it. Social
structure itself has no innate value to them. A
baron who violates the orders of his king to
destroy something he sees as evil is a good
example of a neutral good character.

What Align Are You?
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