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Last night around 10pm or so Rob headed over to the 7-Eleven on our corner. He had a chocolate craving and wanted some candy bars and so he headed over to get himself some candy. Low and behold, there was a prostitute in the parking lot. At least, he thought it was a prostitute. A woman dressed just like what you would think of as a prostitute (daisy dukes, a halter top, and stiletto heels) leaning into a car window and talking to a guy in a car.

A prostitute? In our neighborhood? This used to be considered a good neighborhood. Now there are police chases which end here, the 7-Eleven gets held up, and there are hookers on the corner. This is so weird. We haven't lived here that long, but it looks like in the process of a few short years weird things are happening here.

The fact that we now have hold ups and hookers in this "good" neighborhood is reinforcing my belief that we need to move to Chicago. Unfortunately, where we live will depend on where I get a job offer. If I get a job offer in LA before I get one in Chicago then we're stuck here for good. And that's something I don't want to think about because I don't think I can be truly happy if I stay in LA. If you're not from LA, don't ever move here. It's a wonderful place to visit and take a vacation in, but it's disgusting to live in.


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