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Pet Food and Body Aches
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Yesterday was pretty low key. I slept in, did some job hunting stuff, watched some TV, etc. This whole unemployed thing is starting to get very boring. When Rob came home we did some errands (went to Save-On and to Pet Mania).

Last Friday Pita brought some presents for the kitties. She brought them each a catnip filled squid (which both of them love - and even though there are two of them they will fight over whichever squid has piqued one of their interests) and a bad of food called "Wellness". Apparently it's a very good brand and is better for kitties than most brands out there. Well, Rob and I started feeding the kitties this stuff, and the LOVE it. So, we found a place near us that sells it (Pet Mania - oddly enough PetCo doesn't carry it) and picked up another bag of the dry food and a bunch of the soft food cans. Thanks for the suggestion Pita! The kitties love this stuff.

I'm still all achey from my night at Knott's. My leg muscles hurt like hell and I wince every time I walk. My shoulder is also in knots though I don't know why that is. I've been having some mild chest pains all day long (don't worry, I don't think it's anything heart related because it's on the right side of my chest just above my boob) that have been annoying me as well. I feel like I'm falling apart. I think I need a new body. Good Lord, I'm 28 (okay, almost 29) and I feel like I'm already a senior citizen. This really isn't a good thing. *sigh*

Tonight Rob and I are going out with Pita and Berek to celebrate Berek's b-day. Normally we don't do a lot of things on weeknights because Rob has to get up very early in the mornings for work, but since it's Berek's b-day today he's willing to make an exception. Hopefully tonight should be fun for all of us (especially Berek).


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