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Pre-Halloween Fun
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Saturday was a blast. Mindy came over to our place a little after 3pm. Around 4pm Rob, Mindy, and I headed down to Buena Park to go to the Knott's Halloween Haunt. We wanted to leave early so that we didn't have to deal with the horrendous traffic on the side streets in between the freeway and the park. We got there a bit after 5pm. The three of us grabbed some food at a restaurant just outside of the park and waited for the arrival of Kat. She needed to wait until her babysitter got to her place before she could head out.

A little bit before the park started letting people in, Kat arrived and the four of us made our way into the line to get in. We got in pretty quickly and began going from maze to maze.

We first headed to a new maze (replacing the alien maze from years past) called "The Asylum". It was pretty much an escaped mental patient maze. It was pretty cool and I think it's better than the alien maze used to be.

We then headed over to the log ride which was spruced up into "Red Moon Massacre" - a werewolf ride. That was probably one of my favorites. The ride was fun, however I was pretty soaked when it was all done with. Mindy was in front so she was drenched. Kat and I were pretty soaked as well and Rob seemed fairly dry.

After the log ride Kat wanted to grab some foodies so we stopped at a little restaurant so that she could get some food. When she was done we headed to "The Carnival of Carnivorous Clowns". Evil clowns generally scare the crap out of me so I clung onto Rob for most of this maze. This maze was also pretty cool, though the part with the elephants pooping was rather disturbing.

The mine ride came next and that was spruced up into "Army of the Underworld". This would also be another of my favorites. This one has always been very cool and this year it didn't dissapoint. However, the part with the spiders and the webs did creep the living fuck out of me.

When we got off the ride we wanted some snacks, but the lines for food were way long so we decided to take a breather and play some of the carnival games they had set up. Rob won two stuffed leopards (which went home with Mindy) by throwing a football and hitting a designated target. Kat, Mindy, and myself won three stuffed fish (one red, one blue, one orange) by throwing little ping pong balls into dishes floating around in the water. Both Mindy and Kat gave me their fishies cause they know my obsession with fish. I think I need to find somewhere to put them in our fish themed bathroom.

We then wandered over to the "Malice in Wunderland" maze. It was very cool and pretty much just like last year's set up. Kat and I were both pleasantly surprised to see that they were playing one of The Damned's songs in the background. I wonder how many people recognized it. Hrm.

"Hatchet High" was our next stop. This replaced the maze from last year that had scenes from different movies in it (I believe that was called the "Horrorwood Hotel"). They shouldn't have replaced it. The old maze was much cooler than this one. Evil high school? Please. While it was neat to see, this was one of the lamer mazes.

After this maze we swung by the front gates because Kat needed to head home. Her boobs were going to pop and she needed to get the milk out of them before she died. Hugs were given and Kat took off. Mindy, Rob, and I decided that we would do a few more mazes before heading out.

The next maze we went into was "The Underground" which is a post-apocalyptic maze with a lot of Ministry songs playing in it. Once again, this was pretty much the same as last year, but still cool.

Our final maze of the night was "Lore of the Vampire" which was a - you guessed it - vampire themed maze. The old vampire maze that was around a few years ago was SO much cooler than this one. They've had this one around for the past three or four years and while it's cool in general, it's not as cool as the old one they used to have (Dominion of the Dead). I noticed that they were playing a few Bauhaus songs in there and then geeked. I began wondering if Knott's had gone through the proper channels to license the music that they played in the mazes. My mind never really shuts the law off. I don't know if that's a good thing or a really sad thing.

We didn't have the opportunity to see any of the shows Saturday night and we didn't get into all of the mazes. The mazes we missed were "Blood Bayou" (which I think might be a rapids water ride and none of us wanted to get soaked), "Curse of the Spider" (which I refused to go into), and "The Inquisition" (which sucked last year). All in all we did get into a lot of mazes and all of us had a blast. However, by the end of the night I was hurting. A lot. My feet, legs, knees - ow.

Sunday we decided to stay in. I was in severe pain and could barely walk. My calves and thighs were in knots and my ankles hurt like hell. We grabbed some pizza from Barone's and watched TV. We both felt like just bumming around the house.

My legs still hurt today. My calf muscles are in knots and it hurts like hell when I walk. I think I really over did it on Saturday. The next time I'm at Knott's, I need to remember to take it a bit easy and do some sitting in between everything else. Though, I have to say, it was well worth the pain. I love Knott's around Halloween.


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