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Weekend Happenings
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A Bit Sleepy

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Friday night was D&D night. Carrie, Bryce, Berek, Pita, Rob, and myself were there. Al could't make it because someone was meeting with him about his scripts. I hope things work out for him screenwriting wise. It would be nice to see a Filmic Writing major from USC be able to do something with their degree. I've pretty much given up on the whole film thing. D&D was fun and I wish we could do it more often. Unfortunately, it will be another three weeks or so until we're able to have the next game.

Saturday night was another round at Knott's Scary Farm. This time Rob and I went with Carrie, Bryce, and Julia (Bryce's wife). The lines were long, but we got into all of the mazes we wanted to see. This time we did The Asylum, The Werewolf Log Ride, The Underworld Mine Ride, The Clown Maze, Malice in Wunderland, Blood Bayou (which was not the water ride - it was a walk through maze), Hatchet High, The Underground, and Lore of the Vampire. We skipped The Inquisition cause it's lame and skipped the Spider maze because I have a need to stay away from anything having to do with spiders or bugs. We didn't get to see any of the shows, but that's not a big deal since Rob and I are considering going one final time on November 1 (the last night it's open). I had a blast at Knott's and the company was wonderful. By the time we headed out I think we were all pretty tired.

Sunday Rob and I decided to stay around the house. We were tired and achey from the night at Knott's and wanted to lounge around the house. We ordered in food from Jerry's and watched some TV. It was a very lazy and nice day.

Tonight Rob and I are heading over to the Burbank mall. We're going to look around, grab dinner, and get pedicures. I am in desperate need of a pedicure (my feet need one and my polish is chipping) and I have convinced Rob to try one (without the polish of course). He's a bit leery about getting one, but I think he'll like it. We'll see what he thinks.


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