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Last night Rob and I headed over to the Media City Center mall in Burbank. We both had pedicure appointments and got there early so we decided to look around a bit. Rob needed some new work pants so we stopped in Mervyn's so he could get a couple of pairs. It seems most of his other ones have holes of some form in them. While there I got a pair of fuzzy blue flip flop slippers for around the house and a teeny change purse to carry money in when I use my smaller purse. We also stopped in Macy's and I got some lip gloss. There was a very neat color that I saw in Cosmo and wanted to check out - it looked really good with my skin tone and so I picked up a tube. We looked around in some other stores as well, but didn't get anything in them.

When we were done looking in stores we headed to the nail place. There was a bit of a back up so we had to wait a bit before getting our pedicures (even though we had appointments). This was Rob's first pedicure and he seemed to enjoy it. I think his favorite part was the fact that you sit in big comfy massage chairs while having your feet done. Before you ask, no, he didn't get toe polish. I, however, did. I decided this time to go with a very dark and deep plum color (an O.P.I. color called "Black Tie Optional") - so dark that it looks very close to black. I figured that I would go with a more Halloweenish color this time around.

When his pedicure was over and my toes were dry we headed to Johnny Rocket's for dinner. After dinner we headed out of the mall. I needed to make a stop at Save On on the way home. I had called in some RXs and wanted to pick them up. While I was there I found out that one of my much needed asthma medications had been discontinued. So, when I get back from my birthday trip I'm going to have to try and see my allergist (yet more money to spend because of the deductible) and see what he wants to put me on. After the drug store trip we headed home and watched some TV.

Have you ever noticed that the major expenses come rolling in when you're out of work? Not only did I just pay an insane amount for my car registration, but I also got my car insurance bill. I have a clean driving record and I'm paying over $1000 for six months of auto insurance coverage. And this is with the good driver discount and a discount because my renter's insurance is with the same company. *sigh* Yet another reason to move to Illinois - the car insurance rates there are at least affordable. And to top it all off, I'm going to need to see two different doctors and because we have a large deductible with our health insurance will have to pay for both visits. Seriously, it seems that there are so many more expenses now that I'm out of work than there were even when I was in school. I don't know what I would do if my Mom wasn't able to help me out. I hate having to ask her to help me foot my expenses, but I have no income of my own right now. Let's just hope I pass the bar. If I pass the bar then finding work as an attorney should become a lot easier.


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