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I Think Kenny Is Stalking Us
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Last night was D&D night. Everyone except for Pita was there (it was her Mother's birthday). We had a fun time and got some good role playing in. I think I'll be the death of Berek's character though. If you're interested in the happenings of the game, let me know. But I usually try not to post too much about the games themselves because I don't want to bore the non gamer types who read my journal.

I got hardly and sleep last night. Maybe a half hour at best. Rob and I went to bed after people took off from D&D, however insomnia struck and I just couldn't fall asleep. When the alarm went off I felt dizzy, tired, and nauseous. Now I just feel dizzy and dead tired.

We had to get up this morning because I needed to make a run down to Claudine's. I needed to take my wedding dress and head piece down to her. She's going to have it cleaned and preserved and will call me when it's done. I told her she didn't have to worry about it - I'm in no big rush. I wasn't able to bring my shoes from the wedding with me because they were filthy (outdoor wedding and leather soled white ballet slippers is not a clean combo) and I couldn't find my veil anywhere. Oh well, the dress is what really matters.

On the way down to Claudine's we saw Kenny (yes, Kenny of JournalScape fame) driving down the 405. It's so weird, Rob and I keep getting random Kenny sightings. First there was the night when Rob made a run to 7-11 and saw Kenny driving down our street at 3am. Then there was the night where we saw Kenny at a movie theatre in Burbank. And now we see him driving down the freeway and NOTICE him. Kind of weird, but cool. I don't know if Kenny reads this or not, but just in case HI KENNY!

The drive down to Claudine's was pretty fast and there wasn't much traffic. We only stayed at her place long enough to give her my dress and show her our wedding album. The drive back to the Valley took a little longer because there was a decent amount of traffic and things were moving pretty slow. When we got back to the area we did some errands (drug store, pet store, etc). On the drive back to our place from the errands we saw a weird thing. Someone had painted the word PAINT with an arrow pointing to it on a red curb. I wonder how drunk they had to be to show everyone that the word paint was painted with paint.

Now we're just taking some time to chill around the house. We might make a quick run out this afternoon, but because of how tired I am we have no definite plans for this evening.


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