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The Rest Of Saturday
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Even More Tired Than The Last Time I Posted

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After I last posted Rob and I chilled out around the house for a bit and then headed out. We made a stop at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We looked at some pillows and pondered getting some new ones for our bed because our current foam ones are breaking down, but decided to take a pass on them for now. We did however get a set of sheets (and got a really good deal on them as well). The sheets we're currently using are really scratchy (which is really odd considering they're 800 thread count) and with my insomnia I need to be as comfortable as possible when I sleep (we really should get new pillows - it might help my neck problem as well, yes, I am still waking up every morning with a sore neck). We were going to get jersey style sheets, but found one that was even softer. It's some weird earth friendly brand made from trees and feels like a cross between silk and a comfy old t-shirt. We washed them tonight and put them on the bed. I think we're going to like these.

After Bed, Bath, and Beyond we headed over to the mall in Sherman Oaks. I needed to get some Winter clothing. We went to Lane Bryant and I got a decent amount of clothing. I ended up getting four sweaters (grey, black, red, and a pumpkin orange color), an army green cotton and silk hoodie, a pair of cargo pants to match the hoodie, and a t-shirt to sleep in (a purplish maroon) because my current one (red with a cat on it) is starting to die. We also made a stop at Bath and Body works and got some of those oil plug in things for around the house. Our apartment has been smelling like cat recently and that's less than pleasant. So, we got cucumber melon scented plug ins and the place smells better already.

After the mall we made a quick stop at Starbuck's for some iced chai's and then grabbed two DVDs at Blockbuster. We rented The Core and Ghost Ship. When we got home we popped in Ghost Ship and ordered in Chinese food. The movie was surprisingly good. It was a lot better than either of us thought it would be. We decided to hold off on watching The Core because it's getting late and the movie is over two hours long. Rob's tired and I didn't get any sleep last night so I don't know if we could last through the film. So, instead, I decided to come on line for a little bit and finish posting about today. And now that I have I think it's time to watch some TV in bed. Let's just hope that I can fall asleep tonight. Damn insomnia.

Wow, looking at this entry and my previous one I just realized something - we got A LOT done today.


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