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Sydney's On 'Roids
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Last night was D&D night. Everyone showed up though there was more out of character stuff than game play. Not a big, sometimes it's just fun to hang out. We were sick of pizza and so we ordered Chinese food for the group dinner. I think it went over very well. The game was cool and by the time everyone took off (some stayed much later than others) Rob and I were ready to pass out. Unfortunately, I couldn't sleep too well. I've been having pretty bad pains as of late and it interfered with my sleep. I don't want to go into detail about the weird things happening to my body publically, so I'll put it in my private journal after I post this. If you have access, check it out. If you don't have access and want access let me know - the main reason I have a private journal up here is so I know who exactly is reading certain entries. If you don't have access and don't want access then just ignore this rambling.

Today Rob and I had to get up early because we had a vet appointment for Sydney. He needed his yearly check up, shot, and we wanted to ask the vet what to do because he's pulling his fur out again. He seems in good health and we're trying some Prednisone pills to see if that helps with his fur pulling. Those are steroid pills for those not in the know - which might mean that Sydney may gain some weight. That's a good thing for those who have never seen Sydney. Believe me, I know something about weight gain due to steroids! I started gaining a lot of weight when I had to go on them for my asthma. When we got back from the vet's office I hopped right into the shower because I needed to get dog off of me. There were some dogs in the waiting room that slobbered all over me. Ew. I really am not a big fan of dogs. In case you haven't noticed, I'm a cat person.

After cleaning dog off of me Rob and I headed out to the Media City Center mall in Burbank. The movie we were planning on seeing didn't start for another hour so we looked around the mall a bit. We got some vanilla cokes to go from Johnny Rockets and made a stop in Lane Bryant. I got two more on sale sweaters there. Our movie started at 7:25 and we saw Elf at the Burbank AMC 8 theatre in the mall. It was a lot better than either of us were expecting! That was one funny movie and I highly recommend it if you want something light hearted and really funny. Rob and I laughed pretty much the whole way through it. After the movie we came back home and ordered in some dinner. Now we're just going to chill out around here for the rest of the night.


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