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Well, at least Rob and I got to see one good movie this weekend. While Elf on Saturday night was a pleasant surprise, The Matrix 3 on Sunday night was not.

Yesterday Rob and I slept in and in the late afternoon headed out to see the latest in the Matrix films. We had originally planned on seeing the 5:15 showing at the big AMC in downtown Burbank. Unfortunately, a severe lack of parking meant that there needed to be a change of plans. So, we headed to the AMC 8 located in the Media City Center mall because we knew that there was a 6:30 showing there.

The first thing we did when we got to the mall was buy tickets for the film. We then grabbed some food in the food court (Panda Express). After foodage we hit Mervyn's. Rob needed some new clothes (a pair of sweat pants and a few long sleeve tops) so he did some clothes shopping. He seriously had no long sleeve shirts that aren't button up work style shirts. After Mervyn's we made a stop in Payless and I got a pair of shoes. We put our stuff in the back of my car and headed to see the movie.

If this hadn't been the final Matrix movie and if I hadn't been curious about how they were going to end it, I would have walked out. I'm not saying that the film was bad, it wasn't bad (it wasn't good either), it was just kind of eh. It was, however, extremely BORING. The first one was incredible. The second one just plain sucked. And the third one is boring. I highly recommend against seeing it. Just wait until it comes out on DVD, rent it, and fast forward to the end. It's not worth two and a half hours of your life. I don't understand how the two sequels to a movie that was so cool can be so bad and boring. Blah. I really never want to see the second or the third one again.

After the film (and a lot of chirps of "bored" between Rob and I) we headed home and chilled out around the house until it was time to go to sleep.

Not much is happening around here today. I'm trying to get as much laundry done as possible (we have a ton and I don't think I can get it all done today) and chances are Rob and I will stay in tonight. We had considered going out, but I have a pretty nasty headache right now and a lot of laundry to get washed. I think it might be best if we stay in tonight. I do need to head out and get a pedicure sometime this week though. My black polish is all chipped and my heels are getting spiney again. Maybe tomorrow night I'll get one. We'll see.

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