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Stressed About Impending Bar Results

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It wasn't so bad at first, at least not as bad as I thought it would be. When I took the bar, four months of waiting seemed like an eternity of agony, but it wasn't.

The first three months were fine, actually. During August I decided that I needed to put the bar behind me. Either I passed or I didn't. Nothing I could do would change that or make the results come any faster. During September, I really didn't worry or even think much about the bar. It was nice just having some free time for once in my life. During October I was so busy with other things that the thought barely crossed my mind.

Now, it's totally different. At the beginning of the month I started wondering and started stressing. And now the closer I get to the results the worse this is becoming. A few weeks ago I started wondering and thinking about it more and more. Last week the realization hit me that soon I would KNOW if I passed or failed. Then a feeling came over me that it would be better not to know - I'm not so sure I passed. This week has been the hardest. I can log on anytime after 6pm this Friday and get my results. That's only 49 hours away. Now I'm starting to freak out. My insomnia has gotten really bad, my body is out of whack, and I feel nervous all the time. Now, the waiting is the hard part. The waiting this week is so much worse than the nervousness I felt taking the bar. AARGH!

At least this Friday, one way or the other, this will be over and done with.


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