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Tomorrow (20 Hours and Counting)
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Stressed and Anxious

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I don't feel good at all. I'm having a total anxiety / panic attack and I have a feeling it will only be worse tomorrow. My stomach is a bit queasy from the stress so I think I might hold off on eating anything that might tip the scales and get me to start wharfing. A part of me can't wait until tomorrow night, because then the anxiety will be over and done with and I'll know the results of the bar exam. The other part of me doesn't want to know because it's scared to death of the outcome. Oh well. There's nothing I can do but log on tomorrow and see what happens. Pass or fail, I'll post the results on here. So, if you're interested in knowing how I did just log on here tomorrow after 7 or so and you'll know. Do me a favor though, if I don't pass - give me a few days to recoup before calling. I think I might just need some alone time if I do fail.

Well, it looks as if those Trim Spa pills I got are going to be worthless to me. You can't take them if you have a shellfish allergy. *sigh* I'll give them to my Mom the next time I see her and we'll see if they work for her.

Tonight after Rob got home from work the two of us got out of the house for a bit. I needed to deposit some money in the ATM and he grabbed some cat food while I was doing bank stuff. We then made a run to Save-On for some meds. After our chores were done with, we headed to the Media City Center mall over in Burbank. I ended up getting a microwavable heat pack for things like my back and cramps. We then both had pedicure appointments. I was the only one to get polish though. With Thanksgiving coming up I decided to go with a light brown color (called O.P.I. and Apple Pie by O.P.I. for those of you who know polishes). However, when my black polish was taken off I noticed that I had hurt my left big toe. The nail under it was half black (under the nail itself). I remember hurting my toe up in Solvang, but I didn't think I had hurt it that bad. *eeps* Oh well, at least the polish mostly covers it.

After getting our pedicures we got dinner at Johnny Rocket's. As usual, the food was good but the service was horrendous. I think they have a policy of only hiring the most inept retarded teenagers that they can find at that place. After dinner we made a quick stop in Mervyn's and then headed home. We're going to relax for a bit before bed. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that Rob will be the only one sleeping tonight.


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